Malonda Lodge is run by a team of over twenty talented men and women: Cooks, gardeners, waiters, house-keepers, managers, everyone working together every day of the week to make your visit a truly unique experience. Like many things in this world, it all began with a dream.

Over 15 years ago, Grace discovered a unique piece of land close to Pointe-Noire: A true Paradise facing the ocean, the sunsets, with an amazing nature. Yet it was absolutely wild: No water, no power, very few resources nearby, a rough road. There were many hurdles to the creation of Malonda Lodge.

Following her vision and her amazing will, everything was built from ground up: The actual bricks that make the walls, the hand-carved designed doors and cabinets, lamps, chairs and tables, the 100 feet master piece swimming pool, the restaurant, the bar, the 27 bungalows and soon, "L'Etoile", a two-story high structure in the shape of a star-fish to offer a conference room, a lounge piano bar, boutiques and additional hotel services.

Each structure was designed in the shape of a sea living creature, a shellfish, fish or plant: The cocktail bar as a shell, the restaurant as a large tortoise, the bungalows as small tortoises, the swimming pool as a sea weed, the pool bar as a crab, the reception as a star-fish.

A few years ago, her husband Gérard joined her in this exciting adventure.

Malonda Lodge, now a luxury retreat destination and luscious dining hangout creates unforgetable memories to many locals and travelers.

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